LSM pumps - Additional

  • Extra or modifications

    Extra or modifications

    An LSM peristaltic hose pump is a major investment so it is all the more important for our customers to get the product they ask for. We are a pump manufacturer, develo... Read More

  • Spare part

    Spare part

    To optimise delivery times for spare parts we make them in-house in the factory. We work hard to keep most of our spare parts in stock. Our pumps are used for business ... Read More

  • Certificates


    All pumps can be supplied certified to various standards: The standards most commonly applied to our pumps are:

    - Food grade certification (food an... Read More

  • Operation monitoring

    Operation monitoring

    If you require reliable production monitoring solutions, we can supply sensors and advise you on how to install and use them correctly.

    For our lar... Read More

  • Heavy duty

    Heavy duty

    We offer a heavy duty version for challenging industrial applications.

    After analysing your application in detail we make the necessary design chan... Read More

  • Vacuum Systems

    Vacuum Systems

    If a high suction head is required or the medium is difficult to pump, we recommend installing a vacuum solution with the pump. This is often necessary in the fishing i... Read More

  • Pulsation damper

    Pulsation damper

    Pulsation is a normal characteristic of peristaltic hose pumps. If pulsation becomes excessive we can supply a range of pulsation damping solutions to eliminate/suppres... Read More

  • Service and installation

    Service and installation

    A pump system will only work properly if it is correctly set up and installed. If you need help, LSM offers installation, service and support for our products, even in ... Read More


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